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Do you Know How Many Nail Salons Plan to Hire Ex-Criminals?

Around 46% of UK nail salons companies and businesses (well above the UK private sector average of 30%) currently have no ex-offenders, although half say they find it difficult to fill vacancies. 카지노사이트

That emerges from a new study commissioned by Sodexo, the catering and facilities management company that manages six UK prisons. On behalf of the Department of Justice and the Scottish Prisons Service. When asked what their top concerns were, a quarter (25%) agreed they were concerned about their employees’ regression. And the same percentage said they were concerned about the safety of their remaining employees ( 25%). More than one in five respondents (23%) said they did not trust them to behave appropriately at work. Sodexo, itself a Ban the Box employer, has commissioned a study of 1,000 owners and officers responsible for hiring at UK companies.

It showed that nearly two-thirds (61%) will hire ex-offenders in 2023, while 21% say they won’t. The aim of the study was to understand the extent. Which parolees and ex-convicts who had not served a sentence had the same employment opportunities as other jobseekers. At the launch of the Start Again program, the organization is working with partners such as the New Futures Network, The Oswin Project, Clean Sheet and Novus Works. To help remove perceived barriers to employment for ex-convicts, the people involved prevent them from reintegrating into their community.

For the hairdressing and beauty professions, Sodexo is running this campaign to ensure that employers understand the training opportunities and qualifications that are available in some prisons. For example, at HMP Bronzefield in Surrey, prisoners can train for their town and country in an Ofsted controlled environment. Externally assessed Level 2 NVQ Guilds Diploma in Aesthetic Therapy or Hairdressing.

Support for further progress

When respondents were asked what would motivate them to hire ex-convicts, 22% of nail salons companies, up to 46% of respondents in the hair and beauty industry, suggested it was a government initiative to give to the promotion of enterprises. 온라인카지노사이트

A fifth (20%) proposed an initiative that would provide companies with a target to hire ex-offenders. 20% said the need to close gaps in key skills would force them to seek out those with criminal records.

According to the UK government, the proportion of people leaving prison who were in employment six months after their release increased by almost two-thirds to 23% between April 2021 and March 2022. Sodexo commits to filling 5% of eligible positions with ex-offenders. In 2021 and 2022, the company had 162 approved DBS applications, of which 133 were completed.

Beauty Industry Opinion

Caroline Larissey, director of quality and standards at the National Hair and Beauty Federation. Added: “I think most nail salons owners will be surprised to hear that barbers and hairdressers operate in a prison system where currently inmates are located.

Training to obtain the same qualifications as candidates studying in colleges and through training providers. The hair and beauty industry had a 60% job vacancy rate. Can be the perfect solution and give someone a second chance. To help hairdressing companies hire ex-offenders, Sodexo launched Starting Fresh. There are resources for employers trying to uncover and support an underutilized criminal community in the workplace. As well as case studies showing the impact this has had on the companies and individuals involved. 바카라사이트

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