Hair Salons In Seoul To Achieve Your Inner K-Pop Idol Look

Look and feel good after visiting these Korean hair salons in Seoul!

Our hair is often dubbed as our crowning glory and Filipinos have always been particular when it comes to hair care. You might even know someone who has a regular rebond treatment and other hair services aside from the usual haircut. The love for self expression and creativity also translates to hairstyle which is why Filipinos are also loving how the Korean hairstyle has plenty of varieties.
There’s no denying that the K-wave has already spread worldwide and Korean hair salons are always a hit in the Philippines since they offer other special treatments not only for the hair but also the scalp. The stylists in Korea are often trained for years locally and abroad and they always have the latest technology to achieve that perm or hair color that you’ve always wanted. 카지노사이트

Korean style has always been one of the trendsetters in the fashion scene and expands to Korean hairstyles too. Since Seoul is one of the best beauty hubs to visit in Asia, you might want to try getting styled by professional Korean stylists to achieve your ultimate K-pop idol look.
We list down Korean hair salons that are also foreigner-friendly that houses experts in styling and treating any type of hair the next time you visit Seoul.

The Day’s Hair
The Day’s Hair is one of the popular salons around Seoul especially to foreigners since they also offer other hair services like cornrows, dreads, and more. Their expert staff will usher you through consultation so the stylist would know which style you’d want to have. Want a haircut, perm, and hair color? Name it, they’ve got it.

This Korean hair salon has light colored hues with nice lighting so it’d be perfect to take a selfie after rocking that new Korean hairstyle.

SUINstyle Hair
The SUINstyle salon has been styling a diverse set of clients in Seoul for over 15 years now and has made a name for itself in the local beauty and styling industry. They’ve also done work for TV shows, magazines, and movies. With rave reviews online, this Korean hair salon is a hit to foreigners too and you won’t have to worry about explaining which style you’d want to have since most of the staff can speak English and there’s a translator available, too.

SUINstyle offers general salon services but they’re most known for their extensions so you can add volume and let your hair glow after getting a Brazilian keratin treatment. 안전한카지노사이트

Lucy Hair
Lucy Hair is a charming Korean hair salon located in Sinchon and has an intimate setting. Lucy, the manager and chief stylist have a team of three hair experts who can also speak English. If you’re in for something unique and bold, you can ask them to get it done for you. You won’t even have a problem removing it since they also offer temporary hair coloring, permanent hair color, hair cut, perm, and hair extensions. You’ll surely love the outcome because they’re also experts on female Korean hairstyles.

Juno Hair
Juno Hair is one of the most established salons in South Korea and is operating for 40 years now with over 140 locations with the same goal and that is to make their clients happy and feel more confident after styling. Their branches in Myeongdong and Hongdae most likely have English speaking staff too.

This Korean hair salon is known for their trendsetting haircuts and style. They’ve also won several awards over the years making them a powerhouse if you want a makeover.

Soonsiki Hair
Soonsiki is an Instagram-famous salon known for their bold and trendy styling and hair coloring. You’ll instantly feel the VIP and celebrity-like treatment once you enter the salon filled with professional stylists and employees along with some refreshments and biscuits. Who knows, you might even bump into a celebrity on your visit (Yes, their client includes K-pop star Jay Park).

They also offer other general salon services so you’ll surely get that female Korean hairstyle that you’ve always wanted. It’s best to book in advance for they sometimes offer perks and discounts for those with advanced booking appointments or when paying in cash.

Jay’s Hairdressing
Jay’s Hairdressing in Itaewon is one of the insta-popular salons in the city. Jay, the chief stylist, is professionally trained in London with Vidal Sassoon and Toni&Guy. Jay’s Hairdressing is also an expert in all haircare services including blending hair colors and stylish haircuts in any length.

Lee Chul Hairkerker by Cécica
Do you want a soft female Korean hairstyle that’s timeless and will be perfect for all occasions? Then Lee Chul Hairkerker by Cécica (formerly known as Cecica Hair) is the right salon for you. Best known for their stylish Korean wavy hairstyle, Lee Chul Hairkerker by Cécica has been popular for both men and women since the 90s. 카지노사이트 추천

JP Hair
Also popular not only to locals, JP Hair has gradually gained attention from foreigners because of their advanced styling technology and bold take in styling hair. In house stylists at JP Hair have worked in the U.S., Canada, and London for over a decade and specialize in highlights, balayage, and other hair treatment and styling.

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